This album is pretty fantastic.

This album is pretty fantastic.



one year later this is our love letter back to you, thank you.

thanks dudes

This summer is going to be epic. Two of the best bands with two of the best fan bases in music. Two fan bases who care deeply and passionately about these bands and two bands who give all of that and more back to their fans every single night.

Can’t wait for summer.

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Yeah, I really can’t complain.  (at Holden Beach)

Yeah, I really can’t complain. (at Holden Beach)

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Faces In Disguise (Live - Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ - 10.23.07) Paramore Live - Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ - 10.23.07 20 Plays

October 23, 2007.

One of the best nights.

Hard to believe this was 6 1/2 years ago…

The albums I always have with me.

For D.C. Sports Fans, Winter Is Coming



About this time last year, everyone was talking about what a great time it was to be a sports fan in D.C. The Nats were coming off their first ever playoff appearance and were all “World Series or bust!” The Redskins had finished up a surprisingly strong season in RGIII’s rookie year and the…

Winter is always coming in DC sports. Even when you think it’s 75 degrees and sunny and will be forever.

But hey, it just makes the triumphs that much sweeter, right? Like that Super Bowl trophy in…1991. When I was…14. (I’m 37 now.)

When did we all become so negative and awful?

It’s not just about the HIMYM finale - although that’s the issue of the moment and the subject of the link above. It’s this culture of half-assed, half-baked snap judgments that is fueled by Twitter and seems to take great joy in shitting all over years of creative work that people give their LIVES to.

Now, you’re certainly within your rights to not like a tv finale or a movie or an album or a song…but thanks to the wonder that is Twitter (or, to a lesser extent, Facebook or even here on Tumblr), it seems that we’ve all become the worst kind of critics - the kind that look for every opportunity to make a cynical, snide, sarcastic remark that can be retweeted by 3 people and make us feel popular or awesome or cool for one fleeting second.

I’m as guilty of it as anyone - hell, read some of the stuff I’ve tweeted about sports, where the athletes also spend YEARS of their lives working their asses off to do something way better than I could do it in my wildest dreams.

But it’s toxic. It’s ugly. It’s cynical and sarcastic and disrespectful. And what does it accomplish in the end? On last night’s HIMYM, Marshall goes by all of our mother’s oldest rule in talking about his corporate law job - only say nice things or don’t say anything at all.

And what’s so wrong with that? Wouldn’t the world be just a slightly better place if we weren’t all shitting all over each other’s hard work and loves and passions all the time? If we showed respect for how hard people have to work to make an album or 9 years of a tv show or a 2-hour film - whether we love the end result or not?

Wouldn’t that be better than the sea of angry, sarcastic, bitter tweets above?

I think it would be.

My slightly longer HIMYM thoughts, collected from elsewhere…

A sad ending…and a happy beginning. Not what I was expecting, but I think it was the right finale. I know I’ll miss HIMYM and especially those characters. It’s been a fun 9 years.

The general internet consensus seems to be negative, but I’m pretty sure the internet hates everything. I struggle with how quickly they moved on from Barney/Robin. I think Ted ending up with Robin works better if we didn’t spend a whole season falling in love with the mother. But dammit, I still liked the finale. It was messy and things didn’t all turn out like I wanted but I kind of think that was the way it was supposed to be. Because that’s life. And at the end of the day, you cherish the happiness you get wherever and whenever you find it…and know that it can’t last forever.

Favorite setlist. Bamboozle 2010.

Favorite setlist. Bamboozle 2010.

Pretty sure this is my all-time favorite album.

Pretty sure this is my all-time favorite album.